Business Angel Advisory


Gabriela Popescu & Co SRL bridges the gap between Business Angel Investors and the entrepreneurs seeking capital for seed funding or expansion.

There are many entrepreneurs with business ideas that offer a variety of risk levels from conservative sustainable growth potential, to accelerated growth through credit exposure and peer acquisition.

We will help match your investment requirements with the needs of entrepreneurs to create a successful and profitable business partnership.

We offer a tailor made service to assist the investor in analysing the growth potential of the business and identify potential risk situations.

Around 50 % of the investments made by Business Angel Investors do not return the Initial Capital Investment, or in some cases fail altogether.

We deliver careful risk analysis lead by due diligence and market research, working through the proposed business plan targeting suitable partnerships for our clients. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are able to able to achieve their short, medium and long term goals, through careful planning and risk management.